Aviation Consumer is conducting a survey on aircraft propellor overhauls and replacements. Although we do ask for your name and e-mail address, this information is optional and we will only contact you if we have questions.

Your data will not be provided to anyone else or used in any other way.
What brand and model of aircraft do you fly? (Example: Beechcraft Bonanza, Mooney M20J, etc.)
About how many hours a year do you fly?
Is your airplane equipped with a constant speed propellor?
If you have a constant speed propellor, have you ever had the prop overhauled?
At the time you overhauled the prop, how many hours did it have?
About how many hours are on your propellor now?
If you have a constant speed propellor, what is the recommended overhaul period for the propellor?
If your engine comes due for overhaul, would you automatically consider overhauling the prop, too?
If you've overhauled your propellor in the last few years,which shop did the work?
About how much did that overhaul cost?
During the overhaul, did you have to replace:
Where you satisfied with the shop's work? Give us your impressions of how the job went.
If you were faced with an overhaul, did you decide to replace the prop instead?
If you replaced a prop, which of these applies:
When I replaced my prop, I...
If you decided to replace a two-blade prop with a three-blade model, what shaped your decision?
If you switched to a three-blade prop, how does it perform with regard to speed?
If you switched to a three-blade prop, how would you describe the climb rate?
If you switched to a three-blade prop, how would you describe the vibration?
If you switched to a three-blade prop, what's your overall level of satisfaction with it?
If you had it to do over again, would you still go with the three-blade prop?
Have you switched or would you consider switching from a metal prop to a composite prop?
Finally, let us know any general comments you'd care to make:
(This is completely optional!) As part of our research, we may want follow up on some of your comments. If you're amenable, please share your name and contact information. We'll put the info through the digital shredder when we're done with this survey:
E-Mail Adress:
Daytime Telephone #:
Please contact customer_service@belvoir.com if you have any questions regarding this survey.
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