Tell us how well the following statements apply to your immediate boss/superior.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree or DisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
My supervisor is knowledgeable about my work
My supervisor takes time to listen to me
My supervisor gives me fair reviews
My supervisor has reasonable expectations of my work
My supervisor is willing to promote me
My supervisor trains me in whenever necessary
My supervisor makes sure I have sufficient training
Overall, how satisfied are you with the company you work for?
Please rate your satisfaction with employee benefits and policies of your organization.
Not At All SatisfiedSomewhat DissatisfiedNeither Satisfied nor DissatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedVery Satisfied
Accuracy of job description
Salary reviews
Adequate information on promotion is provided
Leaves of absence
Health care benefits
Retirement benefits
Listening to the employee in employer/employee disputes
How well do you believe your manager lives by your company's ethic?
What does your boss/supervisor do to keep your moral high?
What suggestions do you have for your boss/supervisor that would help him/her be a more effective manager?
If you have ever offered suggestions to management, how satisfied were you with the response?
What suggestions would you make to improve company/employee relations?
How long have you been working for the company?
What is your job function?
Thank you for your opinions. We really want to make [company name] a great place to work! If you would like to add your name and contact data below for us to follow-up with you on your answers, please do so. This is entirely optional.
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