B2B NPS Research

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This research project aims to discover whether the Net Promoter System (NPS) is still considered the main customer loyalty metric for B2B companies or whether it has been replaced with a preferred loyalty metric, what that alternative metric might be, and why. More specifically, we want to learn how NPS is being applied within B2B organizations to affect change in both processes and behaviors that will ultimately lead to improvements in the overall customer experience.

As an incentive to you for participating in this research study, we will share the overall results which you can then use to compare your customer loyalty practices to other similar B2B organizations.

Results will be reported in aggregate and no individuals or organizations will be identified.
The Net Promoter System (NPS) is one of the more well-known and most often used customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics and has been a primary CX metric among organizations across the globe for the past 15 plus years. Which of the following best describes your organization’s use of NPS to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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