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NBA Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

This NBA survey helps to know more about the choices of people who watch basketball and even attend games. These NBA survey questions collect data about favorite teams, players, and stadiums along with the perceived most important position on the field.

The survey template also helps understand people's perceptions about if the player's salaries are justified. You can use this NBA survey template to know how fans and spectators connect with a brand and how to fortify this relationship.

You can use this ready-made questionnaire as it is or customize it to as per your needs.

What is your gender?
How long have you been watching the NBA?
Have you watched an NBA game live?
Which is your favorite NBA basketball team?
Who is your favorite basketball player in the NBA?
How do you feel about the salaries of the current players in the NBA?
Which position do you feel is the most important?
Which positions do you feel like should be paid the most?
Do you think teams with low salary caps can still compete with those with rather larger ones?
What do you think is the most important?
Which is your favorite arena?

Top 3 reasons to use this NBA survey template

1. Collect people’s feedback on player salaries: This survey questionnaire helps to receive people’s feedback on NBA player salaries based on playing position and arena.

2. Evaluate fan and brand relationship: It helps to understand the relationship of a fan and brand based on interest, best player, the best team, and favorite stadium.

3. Measure brand awareness: Measure the number of people who know about the NBA. It also collects information from the survey respondents who love watching live NBA matches.