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Non Profit Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Template and Questionnaire

This volunteer satisfaction survey template is targeted towards all the existing volunteers of a non-profit organization. It is the easiest way of maintaining a relationship with volunteers by understanding their thoughts and getting their feedback. This free online member satisfaction survey template helps non-profit organizations to measure the contentment levels amongst its volunteers.

Thank you for volunteering! Please take a couple of minutes to share your opinion of our program with us.
Please rate your overall satisfaction with our volunteer program.
Please explain your reason(s) for the overall volunteer program satisfaction rating:
Have you been a volunteer for our organization in the past?
Do you anticipate volunteering again with our organization in the future?
Please rate the ease of access to our volunteer program.
Very Easy
Online through our web site?
In person using our database?
In person with the help of a staff member?
Over the phone with the help of a staff member?
Would you recommend the program to a friend?
Please indicate your gender:
Please select the category that includes your age
How frequently do you volunteer?
About how much time to you spend volunteering based on the previous question's frequency?
Please include any additional comments you have about your volunteer experience and/or the program.