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Dating Survey Questions: Compatibility Test Sample Questionnaire Template

Discover your love compatibility with our dating survey questions. This free matchmaking test includes questions on personal interests, relationship goals, and communication preferences to help you find the perfect match. Get insights into someone's dating style and what makes them unique. Find love today with our dating assessment test.

This online dating questionnaire collects insights into a couple's compatibility based on their personal goals, likes and dislikes, and more. Choose a partner based on the most compatible match and have a happy dating life.

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What is your idea of a good night out?
Which of these would be your ideal holiday?
How would you best describe your personality?
What are the most important characteristics you are looking for in a partner?
How would you describe your parents' marriage?
What were your family's financial circumstances?
Choose three traits you least like in someone.
How important is someone's visual appeal to ask them for a date?
How important is someone's cultural background to ask them for a date?
Would you date someone from a different cultural background?
How important is someone's age to ask them for a date?
Do you have any other comments?

Top 3 reasons to use dating compatibility survey template

Take a deep dive into the dating preferences of your potential partner with our online dating questionnaire. Gain valuable insights into what they are looking for in a partner, their dating choices and deal-breakers. This example survey template covers topics like age range, lifestyle, interests, and more.

  1. 1. Track online dating behavior: Dating app creators can use this template to gather information about people’s online dating behavior. Based on the dating survey results, they can recommend potential partners to their users.

  2. 2. Evaluate compatibility for couples: This questionnaire helps evaluate the compatibility between couples. You can also customize it to include funny dating survey questions and know more about someone's sense of humor. These relationship survey questions will help you find the best match and ensure satisfaction.
  3. 3. Assess partner preferences: These dating compatibility questions help you understand and assess your partner preferences with ease. You can run a survey on a dating app like Tinder or social media like Facebook or Tiktok.