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“QuestionPro has met all of our companies needs.The flexibility and versatility of their product has made survey creation a dream for our staff. Along with their top-notch customer service I would recommend Questionpro to anyone.”

Nigel Patterson

Senior Associate, Core IT
Urban Land Institute (ULI)


“We came from SurveyMonkey and were delighted that the QuestionPro team offered greater flexibility and customer support.”

Nick Jesteadt

Manager of HR Data Analytics


“The flexible and responsive project management meets our requirements for the short-term nature and speed of studies to a high degree. The quality and proactivity of the project support as well as the speed in the implementation of the reporting also meets the highest demands.”

Dr. Josef Köster

Team leader customer segmentation, customer foresight and innovation studies


“QuestionPro is helping us to save lives. One survey at a time.”

Melissa Rittase

Scientist, Department of Population Science
American Cancer Society


“QuestionPro has been a reliable partner in our journey as we go about executing research projects that have been an integral component in our decision making process. The research conducted using the platform has helped us deliver insightful reports to our top management. A highlight of QuestionPro is the customer success team who are not only responsive but have strong research knowledge to understand issues and proactively provide their insights.”

Sharanya Ramesh

Market Research Analyst

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“The QuestionPro team since starting with our Atlanta market last year and now expanding to company-wide projects. Yogesh has done an amazing job at finding the right research solutions for what we’re aiming to achieve with each project. This has definitely helped us to be more responsive to the research needs of our company and have a valuable impact on ongoing business decisions.”

Amanda White

Director of Research


“QuestionPro brought excellent analytical marketing skills to the table and delivered results in a very short time. Great work!”

Romi Mahajan

Former Marketing Director


“In speaking with retailers, we hear time and again how invaluable consumer feedback is, especially as brands now have to compete across multiple channels to win customers. QuestionPro helps brands better engage and learn from consumers, and the information retailers collect can inform them of where to invest resources and close sales.”

Lauren Keys



“We have been utilizing Question Pro Surveys as a means to collect data for our department accreditation. The surveys are quick to put together and easy to execute. I am looking forward to learning more about the exciting new features.”

Arlisa G. Spaulding

MSBC Administrative Office Coordinator
Spalding University


“QuestionPro's extensive feature set met our requirements better than other alternatives. I was especially impressed with QuestionPro's well implemented user interface, detailed reporting capabilities, and responsive customer service.”

Paul Orwig

Senior Product Manager
Qwest Communications, Inc.


“QuestionPro is intuitive, reliable and powerful. It makes my life easier and my work better. I count on this tool to get the data I need. Highly recommended.”

Stuart Shulman

Director, Qualitative Data Analysis Program
University of Massachusetts Amherst


“As a social scientist, having the ability to conduct survey research is essential. I have been pleased with survey design options and easy to navigate user interface. Collecting data via QuestionPro has made my life less complicated and me more productive.”

Randy Evans, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, College of Business


“I have used QuestionPro for three years now and I LOVE it. I have completed numerous research studies using data collected on QuestionPro. I have never experienced any problems with loss of data. The CSV files it creates import easily into SPSS. I have no problem mentioning QuestionPro in any conference presentation, poster, or publication I may get in the future. In fact, I already do and I.m paying for it now.”

Brian Pope, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor
Psychology Department Tusculum College


“QuestionPro provides a user-friendly and stream-lined approach to survey creation. Its unique, multi-faceted feature set enhances our research in behavioral science by allowing our research team to collect richer data to analyze. Collecting this type of data with other free survey software offered on the web would have been impossible!”

Candice L. Odgers

Professor of Psychology & Social Behavior
University of California, Irvine


“I have used QuestionPro on three different occasions. On each occasion I had multiple questions in multiple formats and it was sent to more than 500 respondents. We found QuestionPro reliable and consistent in the various aspects of questionnaire administration-creating the questionnaire in the desired format, providing access to the respondents, collecting data at the backend, and then collating it. I think QuestionPro is a powerful tool for every researcher and management professional.”

Neharika Vohra

Professor, Organizational Behavior Area
Indian Institute of Management


“As a research analyst, I find surveys are an important tool for gauging market trends and generating proprietary research products. I found QuestionPro's software to be an excellent solution for online surveys.”

Benner Ulrich

Associate Director
UBS Investment Bank


“Our earlier process was extremely time-intensive, and as a result, we were not able to address customers' concerns at the critical point, -- It was more "rear view mirror" analysis. With QuestionPro's service, I am able to see at any point of the day or month where we stand, and make adjustments immediately to resolve problems or make our site better.”

Preeti Nathan

Customer Insight Manager

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“QuestionPro worked closely with us to develop a Customer Satisfaction Survey that integrated with Their simple interface and extensive reporting capabilities have enabled us to track customer satisfaction with little effort and at an affordable price.”

Vince Rocca

Digital Hands

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“I have used QuestionPro extensively for the last two years doing research first for the Marine Corps and now for Fairfield Language Technologies. The best thing about QuestionPro is that I can do almost anything I could possibly want to do with my surveys: from basic but vital things like having the right questionnaire format to creating reports, tracking response, inserting more sophisticated analytical tools like conjoint, etc. QuestionPro has the breadth and depth of tools that a marketing researcher needs to do his job. They are also constantly innovating adding new capabilities and expanding their services. QuestionPro is definitely a very good value for the money.”

Nino Ninov

Director of Market Research & Analysis
Fairfield Language Technologies

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“We had been looking for a purely web-based solution, and QuestionPro was the best that we found.”

David Newcorn

Director New Media
Summit Publishing


“QuestionPro is the only online survey software provider we found that offers comprehensive, integrated panel management at an affordable price. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to helping us get our panel up and running was excellent. We're very satisfied with QuestionPro.”

Gregg Van Ryzin

Director of Survey Research, School of Public Affairs
Baruch College CUNY

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“We had a project that was so large that we weren't sure if it could be done over the Internet. All the possible combinations we needed to ask required over 30,000 unique variables. The programmers at QuestionPro customized the interviewing system to be able to handle the type and quantity of data. They completed the customization and programmed the questionnaire -- all in about a week. They were incredibly responsive, and did a great job.

Bob Kuchay

Vice President
Woelfel Research, Inc.


“QuestionPro has saved us so much time and money - both in making the survey online - and compiling the data. I only wish I had discovered it sooner. Their staff is a REAL pleasure to work with. They made sure their pricing fit exactly my needs.”


Washington State
King County Library System


“The level of customer service and product tailoring I received with my corporate license was well worth spending the extra money. QuestionPro was terrific at providing emergency support when I needed it in the wee hours of the morning, and the fact that they were willing to create questionnaire features just for me was invaluable. This made moving from an academic department annual site license to a corporate annual license worth every penny.”

Jennifer Jensen

Assistant Professor
SUNY Albany


“QuestionPro offers consumer researchers a balance of flexibility and sophistication that is hard to find in other online survey services. This results in much more robust quantitative consumer insights that are critical to supporting relevant brand strategies and messages. Add to this QuestionPro's high level of customer service, attention to detail and efficiency and you've got a great marketing research partner that you can depend on time and time again.”

Lauren Tucker

Vice President, Group Planning Director
The Martin Agency


“ for AppExchange has provided an incredibly powerful and customizable solution for collecting customer feedback via online surveys. The solution provides a seamless integration between's web-based survey system and's on-demand CRM system. The team was responsive and professional during implementation. We are looking forward to automating data collection across many of our business processes.”

Tony Dubitsky

Manager of Market Research
Great-West Healthcare


“Atlas has used QuestionPro extensively in 2006 within the Atlas Learning group which provides training services to clients and within the Marketing department for client surveys. The use of the service allowed Atlas Learning to monitor client satisfaction immediately after training sessions in our computer labs and again within 60 days to compare progress clients made utilizing our applications.

By obtaining immediate feedback and then merging this data with the building database of client responses to training, the staff has been able to respond to suggestions and requests quickly throughout the year, while building a picture of client satisfaction over time.

The system scaled very well for a 5,000 sample client survey in Fall of 2006 which was distributed in 6 versions to clients. This major survey also utilized advanced features of the QuestionPro product to incorporate branching on several questions. The ability to merge these surveys for aggregate results was particularly helpful as was the ability to see real-time reports daily as surveys were received. There were no reports of problems with the survey from any clients - a testimony to the system's reliability.

The survey system is utilized by several Atlas staff and required a minimum of time to learn to be able to design and format complex surveys for internal and external use. The statistical analysis is more than sufficient for business use and provides an array of options with rapid reporting capability and a minimum of advanced statistical background by the staff.”

Cliff Butler, Ph.D

Senior Training Manager, Atlas Learning
Atlas DMT


“We currently have about 15 -20 users in various departments using the tool for their own team info, and personal project surveys. etc.. One of the media guys is just getting ready to use the survey in a 2 question popup for our web site users.

I can tell you what my experience has been with using the tool so far while creating a survey for the Comm team. Overall, the tool has served it's primary function pretty well for us, which is to gather data from users and compile it into a central report. It's fairly easy to use and doesn't require a lot of in-depth training to get going. That's a great thing. There are a lot of great functions built into the tool as well, like the custom reporting options, and ability to administer accounts to others. The real-time CSR is also a HUGE help. Kudos on that one. They were able to direct me to links for answers I needed and when I could not do something myself, they fixed it on the back end (like removing the Nelnet graphic from the pre-formatted template they made for us).”

Carrie Frasier-Rothe

Project Manager


“Recently we switched to your company and are very pleased. Your survey tool is easier to use, has many more reporting and analysis options than our previous tool. In addition, you have provided us with a high level of customer service. We are extremely pleased with QuestionPro and would recommend you to others.”

Wendy Vinge

Corp Web Channel Development
Cuna Mutual Group


“I want to take a moment to say thank you to your company. Providing our organization with a non-profit waiver to conduct very professional surveys will greatly increase our abilities. I wanted to send out a survey regarding our annual conventions and you provided us the tool to get this done professionally and effectively. I suspect we'll be able to find out a lot more from our members with this one-year waiver and it will be very valuable. Thanks again.”

John Knotts

Division 610 President
Air Force Sergeants Association


“QuestionPro's surveys go beyond the simple freebies that proliferate the web. Superficial data has no value to advertisers, and only QuestionPro was able to give us advanced research tools, like conjoint. TURF and GAP analysis, to help us deliver insightful reports to our clients.

We spent considerable time trying to find a great online survey tool and we found it in QuestionPro. We found that QuestionPro offered the broadest range of features for the best price. I am a loyal customer and I highly recommend QuestionPro. <”

Andy Liu



“QuestionPro has allowed us to complete some extensive online surveys and reach a segment of the market that had been untapped for us. We have been able to collect huge volumes of data very quickly and analyze it with no delays or bandwidth issues. Their extensive collection of research tools at our disposal -- discrete choice questions, matrix tables, custom scales, and even moment-by-moment content analysis -- allows us to get the best results from our research.”

Elliott Wood

Senior Vice President
Broadcast Architecture


“When it came time to conduct our yearly Customer Service Satisfaction surveys we decided not only to move to an on-line format, but to also expand out customer selection tenfold. Question Pro was the best solution for us because of its amazingly easy survey creation tools as well as the dynamic side-by-side matrix questions. The side-by-side matrix questions allow us to analyze the gap between our customer's perceived importance and their satisfaction with a particular aspect of our service. Having this valuable data allows us to continually improve our service and our customer's satisfaction. Question Pro's reporting capabilities have also made my job much quicker and easier then it ever was before.”

Amy K Lang

Quality compliance and development coordinator
Livingston Managed Services


“My team has been using QuestionPro for over a year to run surveys with our customers in commercial aviation. It's a great tool and allows us to make complex questions simple. Other tools we have used add time and frustrate customers. We're big fans of the easy to use conjoint tool, the back end tools that allow us to set up segments and dig in to the data beyond the top-level results for insights (we're all guilty of doing too little of this and QPro does it for you!). I've noticed recently that they added some new survey tools and new analytical tools. Always improving and well worth the premium paid over free services. And oh by the way, they return my emails at all hours!”

Travis Bouck

Exec Director Marketing, Aerospace
Honeywell Aerospace


“The Arizona Game and Fish Department has used multiple online surveys for human dimensions research. Question Pro is the most powerful tool by far and has the most options to conduct a variety of surveys. Question Pro services are within our government purchasing limits, and Question Pro has worked with us to meet our unique needs. Their Help Section is quick to respond to questions. Question Pro is a critical tool that every government agency should have for conducting social science research.”

Scott Gurtin

Human Dimensions Specialist
Arizona Game and Fish Department


“QuestionPro is the most user friendly survey tool that my colleagues and I have used. In addition to producing a very intuitive product, the technical and sales support staffs are top notch. They respond to inquiries within 24 hours and typically go above and beyond the call of duty to assist clients. My agency has been very pleased with the product's quality and the first class service provided by QuestionPro staff.”

Laurie Drake

Educational Psychologist (Employee Development)
The Federal Government


“Question Pro is an extremely user friendly tool, from survey creation to generating reports. There is a wide range of options for how to retrieve the results, which is extremely important because people with different levels of statistical knowledge can all benefit from the findings. Question Pro's ability to store unlimited amounts of data is also a huge value add to any company that values scientific research”

Sanja Licina

Former Research and Methodology Manager


“QuestionPro's ability to store unlimited amounts of data is a huge value add to any company that values scientific research.”

Sanja Licina

Former Research and Methodology Manager


“QuestionPro gives Ziff Davis Enterprise Research what we need to focus on the research and not the process. When we need rapid survey deployment, QuestionPro's well-designed interface, smart programming tools, excellent online documentation, and responsive customer service help us get the job done, so our customers get what they need, faster.”

Guy Currier

Executive Director, Research
Ziff Davis Enterprise


“QuestionPro has been an invaluable research tool. Tracking respondents and following up with nonrespondents is an easy process, and reports can be readily and conveniently generated in multiple formats. This product is definitely a time saver! The QuestionPro staff worked closely with me to develop a package that was aligned not only with my needs as a researcher but also within my budget.”

Donald G. Hackmann

Associate Professor and Interim Head (Department of Educational Organization and Leadership)
University of Illinois


“As a professional association, The Wildlife Society is all about finding out how to best serve its members. QuestionPro helped us survey our members to collect data much needed for our future planning and development of membership benefits and publications. The free non-profit license helped us get started and then QuestionPro worked with us to find a license that fits both our needs and our budget. Thank you QuestionPro team!”

Ruxandra Giura

The Wildlife Society


“Questionpro combines powerful analysis software with an intuitive user interface. When coupled with their outstanding customer service, becomes a very useful tool for survey-based human subject public health research.”

Alan W. Shindel

M.D., Dept of Urology
University of California, San Francisco


“QuestionPro has increased our recruiting capabilities by orders of magnitude. It is incredibly user-friendly, flexible, and it features incomparable online chat support.”

Bob Bershad

VP Corporate Communications
Focus Point Global


“We conducted an exhaustive search of web survey providers before selecting QuestionPro. This tool stood out head and shoulders above a dozen other solutions. It is highly intuitive, extremely flexible in both research design and reporting, and just makes us look good. I may not be smart, but I was smart enough to choose QuestionPro.”

Sherwood Smith

President, Research and Strategy


“As a researcher in Psychology, I use QuestionPro over other on-line survey design software systems such as Survey Monkey because of the simplicity of the features and range of options QuesitonPro provides for survey design and data collection. QuestionPro provides advanced survey design options, such as the side-by-side matrix response format, that no other on-line survey design websites provide. QuestionPro's advanced software allows me to create surveys on-line that simplify the response process for participants, and in return boosts my response rate and ability to collect more accurate data.

QuestionPro is also much easier to work with than other on-line survey websites because they list a contact phone number and attempt to tailor their web-based services to my research needs!”

Rob Durr

Doctoral Student, Counseling Psychology PhD Program
University of Denver


“I've been administering questionnaires online as part of my research activities in my PhD studies, since 2006. I am exceedingly pleased with the ease of use of QuestionPro's user-friendly interface, and their high quality customer service. The pilot survey for my dissertation is rather long, and I'd like to give the respondents the opportunity to Save and Continue the survey at a later date. I know that will improve my response rate. I evaluated the same service on SurveyMonkey to which I also have access, and compared it to that of QuestionPro. QuestionPro's approach is far easier to work with, especially if the questionnaire is being sent to a group mailing list. A big thumbs up, from a busy student!”

Andrea Roofe

PhD Candidate
Florida International University


“QuestionPro's non-profit waiver has allowed us to use their program at no cost, which has been a great advantage for us. The system is extremely easy to use. We would encourage any and all non-profit organizations to take advantage of what QuestionPro has to offer.”

Jennifer Stone Simmons

Communications and Technology Director


“QuestionPro has provided us with an excellent online survey platform to complete our research. It offers unique question designs that allow us to collect information in sophisticated ways. The functionality of the survey platform also permits the use of advanced branching and logic, which has been very effective for us in tailoring surveys to individual respondents. Overall, QuestionPro has been a very practical tool for facilitating our research.”

Elliot Martin, PhD

Assistant Research Engineer, Transportation Sustainability Research Center
UC Berkeley