Reduce the time of research studies from weeks to days

Leverage generative AI in your market research to streamline labor-intensive processes like survey design, effortlessly craft surveys in multiple languages for broader reach, and reduce the time needed for survey coding and analysis from weeks to mere days, sometimes even hours. Build surveys on a topic of your choice within seconds with QxBot.

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Expand the scope of your insight with a focus on efficient, agile research

Leverage the power of conversational AI natively in your research platform for qualitative and quantitative research. Eliminate tribal insights and derive trend lines from past studies as quickly as building new research studies from scratch. Get higher-quality survey data by eliminating bad data at a nascent stage.

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Access data-based storytelling with intelligent dashboards and visualizations

Effortlessly generate customizable dashboards from survey data, promptly identifying trends and patterns. Reduce the time to insights and do more with your survey data!

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intelligent dashboards

Measure human emotions in real-time

Move towards responsible AI, focusing on listening and observing more than asking. Eliminate labor-intensive tasks such as transcribing qualitative data and get a pulse of emotions, sentiments, and trend lines. Discover human emotions and nuances ongoing and in real-time.

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Are you ready to make the move towards NextGenResearch?

Train generative AI to eliminate labor-intensive tasks and focus on innovation as a researcher.


Generative AI, built within the tool!

A proprietary AI research engine built to empower researchers and brands to leverage generative AI.


QxBot survey generator tool

In two simple steps, you can define your research topic and generate survey questions right from the survey platform within seconds with intricate logic and advanced quota management.


QxBot image generator

Be empowered to transform textual descriptions and prompts into precise visual representations, providing visually accurate images directly within the survey tool.


QxBot smart dashboards

Effortlessly generate intelligent, personalized dashboards using survey data in seconds, swiftly pinpointing emerging trends and patterns. Automated insights can be instantly generated for widgets incorporated into the dashboard.



Use the AI engine to surface trendlines and word clouds from large groups of open-ended survey data.


Research data quality

Our machine learning-powered engine intelligently validates both qualitative research studies and data, effectively minimizing non-human interference with the data, preserving the effectiveness of research studies, and upholding a superior standard of data quality.


Video discussions and natural language processing (NLP)

Get nuggeted information from video discussions and IDI’s automatically with generative AI within the community platform.

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Summarize qualitative research data

Community admins can get a summary of all topics from the community and also view past summaries to derive insights faster.

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Elevated insights repositories

Through the analysis of extensive research data, generative AI eradicates isolated insights and fragmented information, resulting in improved insights management within the InsightsHub platform.


Responsible AI

Access research on topics, language, and respondent demographic of your choice while complying with federal and local regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, COPPA, FEDRAMP, Section 508, etc., for worry-free research.

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Press-release - QuestionPro launches QxBot – a generative AI feature that reduces the time and complexity of survey building for researchers

QxBot harnesses the power of its own proprietary generative AI engine on top of ChatGPT to develop an innovative, agile, and fast AI-based survey generation tool.

Harness the true potential of generative AI in your research

Focus on the insights and let responsible AI do the heavy lifting in your insights management.