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Measure your workplace pulse, identify your key employee drivers and create a worforce that believes in winning from within with our employee survey platform & software.

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Employee Survey Software for Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Create, Send and Analyze Employee Surveys

Get a well-rounded look at what your employees really think about your company culture. Fully comprehensive, our employee survey platform enables you to create and analyze fully automated surveys, polls, and questionnaires that give you a competitive advantage. Distribute and collect results using multiple methods such as email, website embed, mobile app, and more. With over 20 tested basic and advanced question types readily available, you already save time on the cornerstone of all surveys!

Map and Track Employee Lifecycle

Your employee’s experiences impact every part of your business, from productivity to retention. With QuestionPro’s online employee survey tool, you can map, track, and measure experience throughout their entire employment lifecycle, beginning with onboarding. Keep track of employee sentiments with robust features like regular pulse surveys, performance reviews, and feedback.

Measure Your Culture with Over One Million Data Points

Ultimately, your workplace culture is what your employees value most. Our Workplace Genome offers one million+ culture data points to help you uncover data about your workplace. Receive insight from collected data on how to align your workplace culture to generate solutions and improve the levels of engagement at work. Our built-in culture markers of transparency give you the feedback you need to strike the right balance of organizational management and productivity.

Employee Survey Software Features

Advanced Survey Logic

Survey logic is a term that is used to describe how survey respondents’ answers change survey behavior. With QuestionPro’s online employee survey tool, you can use features like branching, extraction, piping, randomization, scoring, quota control, and custom scripting to apply the correct survey logic. Collect extremely meaningful data and conduct analytics with robust surveys featuring advanced logic.

One Stop Solution

Make intelligent human resources decisions while understanding your employees’ needs and expectations through our easy-to-navigate employee survey software. Aim to create meaningful long-term relationships with your employees and empower your human capital, with the help of our employee survey software.

Effectively Improve Employee Experience

Employee experience can only be understood when employees are able to register their feedback. Our email survey software has over 50 ready-made surveys that are designed to capture employee sentiments, from onboarding to exit. These surveys can be customized to suit any of your needs.

Measure and Activate your Culture

Use our proprietary Culture Measurement Model to produce deep insights on how behavior affects employee experience. You can analyze the data obtained by deploying a 15-minute employee survey to identify organizational nuances and dive deeper into understanding how your employees feel about your organizational culture.

Integrated Solutions for Survey Based Analytics

Gather meaningful data on employee experiences through our employee survey software platform. Our well researched, tested, and proven survey templates serve as a great springboard for measuring employee satisfaction and engagement levels during recruitment, onboarding, engagement, and during the exit process. Leverage the powerful algorithm we have built to identify key drivers for measuring satisfaction level.

Improve Employee Feedback

Our employee feedback surveys aim to help organizations collect truthful employee feedback. With the one-page dashboard on our employee survey platform, you can monitor and heighten detailed data and analytics visibility to real-time employee experience. Obtain all the information you need to effectively monitor and improve levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.

Dashboard and Reporting

See the full visual response to surveys that you’ve created and deployed through QuestionPro’s custom dashboard with ease. This advanced dashboard gives you the facility to filter survey responses based on various attributes. You can customize the attributes and select which ones to display and which to omit. QuestionPro’s employee survey software makes advanced reporting integral to your experience: real-time survey reports, GAP analysis, Trend Analysis, and Turf analysis are just a few of the different analytical tools that can be applied. Reports can also be exported and downloaded to the most convenient format for your business, whether that’s Excel, Powerpoint, CSV Raw Data, or PDF.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Measure employee loyalty to your company with our built-in Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). The eNPS is an effective measure of your employees’ sentiments, engagement, satisfaction, connection, and affiliation with your business. Not only does the eNPS record responses but it also specifies the reasons your employees are happy or unhappy with your company so you can decide how to foster an ideal work environment. Send your employees an Employee Net Promoter Score survey via computer or mobile device with the use of our effective survey software.

Customizable Employee Portal

Operational excellence is only a survey away. Our employee survey platform offers a customizable employee portal with centralized access to news, performance review application, business intelligence, and more. Complement your own brand with the flexible look and feel of the portal, transforming it into your workforce hub. Filter and share data directly with your employees. Solutions and innovations are only a button click away.

Mobile ready software

The newest way to conduct performance reviews, QuestionPro’s Pulse Reviews track employee sentiments, making performance reviews effortless. With Pulse Reviews, you can send employees a survey straight to their mobile phones then collect responses and review analytics as an organization. In less than three minutes, your employees are able to select performance competencies, skill descriptors, and rating scales from a predefined list, as well as any open-ended feedback you’re interested in tracking.

Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate your software obtained data into your existing platforms with a host of powerful CRM integrations to measure Organizational Health Index (OHI), employee experience, and levels of satisfaction. These integration tools are futuristic and technologically advanced. Whether you’re looking to integrate your data into your existing CRM system or to connect your surveys to different web apps, QuestionPro offers a wide variety of ways to sync up data collection and analysis.

Software Data Security

Software data security is the highest priority for QuestionPro’s online and offline surveys. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss Safe Harbor certified, and fully GDPR compliant. We offer researchers the ability to enable and disable survey data collection, create password protected surveys, and much more.

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