A powerful survey solution designed for
academic research

Survey solution for academic research
Lower costs for academic budgets


Enterprise Research survey software within university budgets

Get access to a QuestionPro Academic license for the best survey and research software at an industry-leading price. Working with limited budgets can be difficult, and we get it. We also understand that you need a complete survey and research solution for your university.
  • Assured pricing for contracts up to 5 years
  • No additional cost for advanced features
  • Educational discount for audience projects
academic survey software

Survey software for universities and colleges

Whether you need a simple survey tool, or a collaborative research solution, with our Academic licenses for universities and educational institutions, you get access to all the best features used by our Enterprise research clients.
  • Advanced logic and workflows for smarter surveys
  • Over 5000 universities & colleges and over 1 million+ students use QuestionPro
  • Academic license supports multi-admin role environment
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Emphasizing on the User Experience

QuestionPro aims to make software solutions intuitive, creating a platform that is simple to grasp, and scales with the features you need when you need it. QuestionPro also provides easy-to-setup analytic tools to build visualizations for all your research. We offer an easy to use survey software with robust features to create, send and analyze surveys - all within minutes!
  • Collaborative research across universities
  • Quantitative and qualitative reporting
  • Data analytics and offline surveys
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Seamless migration, training, and support

Our solution allows you to migrate your existing data from your old survey software to QuestionPro. We regularly host webinars and training for our customers around new features and how to improve the user experience of building more nuanced surveys.
  • University-wide easy setup and migration from Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, and Survey Monkey
  • 24/7 support on our platform with dedicated account managers
  • Weekly free training sessions and monthly academic webinars
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Academic license features

The most sough features by academics - at your fingertips!

Single platform for classroom research, experimental design, academic research with insights and analytics

Simple to sophisticated research for students, researchers, and faculty to run surveys and analyze data

Collaborative research across universities

Work with multiple people on the same survey to get more minds working towards a common goal

Quantitative and qualitative reporting

All our licenses feature classroom research, experimental design, academic research with insights and analytics

Data analytics and offline surveys

Collect data offline, and then use our advanced AI to build analytics is incredibly powerful

Advanced logic and workflows for smarter surveys

Featured packed survey software solution for your University that is trusted by companies and universities globally

Security and compliance

Secure, ISO compliant survey platform geared to help you adhere to federal and local compliances

Join 5000+ universities and colleges that use QuestionPro
academic research survey software to power their research

Start making decisions based on intelligent data and analytics, collected from real people!


As for our dissertation student clients, we provide a unique end-to-end Academic Research Service, everything from design to analysis.

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