Create a thriving Online Research Community

Create a stand alone branded website for your members. Easily accelerate customer base with our purpose build community tools. Use push notifications, alerts and mobile technology. We provide you with a one-click solution to post surveys and share member comments on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.


Online research community platform to engage your customer panel

QuestionPro Online Research Community Platform enables you to intelligently engage your customer community. We support over 50+ question types, from simple and complex surveys, to logic, branching and more. Connect with your passionate customers and get valuable feedback from them. Reward your local customers with interactive points, gamification badges, cash and donations.


Collect community feedback through insights community software

Get the 'pulse' of your online research community by collecting data, running reports, and providing analysis across Mobile and Desktop devices. Create reports and customize slides to fit your presentation needs. Customized Reports can be downloaded in HTML, PDF formats. This includes access to TURF Analysis, CHAID Analysis, Weighting and Balancing, and GAP Analysis.


Impact your bottom line through real-time research

Understand your target market and your customer’s needs, enhance your relationships, identify key drivers of your business, and improve the sales process. Build customer trust, brand loyalty, and enhance customer engagement. Quickly qualify sales leads by cutting down the noise, understand your target market, and optimize your message.


Create your engaged online research community today!

Build meaningful long-term relationships to maintain a competitive business edge and make intelligent business decisions.

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Learn how QuestionPro's Online Research Community Platform is different and better.

Explore the set of research tools that unlock the power of insights.

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Centralized community web portal

Built-in communication system, reminders, engagement tools, analytics, and dashboards all in one community web portal.

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Panel management software

Create and manage your research panels with in-built panel management software. You can target segments of your panel to send surveys and other emails.

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All-in-one dashboard

Get a snapshot view and monitor the health of the community from a unified dashboard that offers quick community insights.

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Qualitative solutions

Get members and responses from every dimension with an online and mobile enabled community platform experience.

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Mobile integration

Providing real-time mobile access to your community web portal’s surveys, reports, and discussions from any mobile device.

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Social media integration

Members in your online research community platform can share their status using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Gamification and rewards

Choose from a variety of rewards options on our online research community platform to compensate your customers for their participation and promote using social media.

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Multilingual capabilities

Supporting 50+ languages, including double byte character-sets such as Chinese and Japanese, and Right-To-Left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

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Brand research communities

Create your own unique online research community page theme and user experience within the community web portal.

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Discover the power of QuestionPro’s Online Research Community Platform.

Join the 9-time leader award winner platform and unlock the power of insights.

What is an online community platform?

Online research communities allow companies to build and engage a community of customers, users, or influencers for the purpose of gathering data and Insights about any topic.

This platform provides easy-to-use tools for creating and managing a unique community, including interest groups, surveys, forums, events.

Why use an Online Research Community Platform?

Collect and analyze large amounts of data quickly.

Online Research Community Platforms also allow an easy way to gather data from a large number of participants in a short period of time, which makes them ideal for companies working on a tight deadline or with large samples.

What is the difference between an MROC (Market Research Online Community) and a panel?

MROCs are long-standing online research communities often active for a year or more, and they tend to manage smaller samples, usually 250-500 participants.

Panels manage larger groups usually thousands of participants and are often utilized once or twice per research project (i.e. a survey and a follow-up).


“By partnering with QuestionPro Communities and having access to a wide range of features, Gannett was able to expand the research and conduct additional types of studies. They were able to successfully conduct research across 10 markets using the comprehensive Communities platform. Gannett was also able to identify the pulse of each market along with understanding the scope of advertising which they leveraged to increase readership.”