Engage with your customers in real time with DealerPulse

DealerPulse is a cost effective (starting $83/mo.), real-time, turnkey solution that empowers dealers to gather valuable customer insights and take swift action before customers have a chance to hurt your dealerships reputation online or even receive an OEM sponsored survey.

Program features include:

  • Sales/CPO, Service for New and Used car dealerships
  • Unlimited Quick Surveys (English/Spanish)
  • Redirect promoters to review site of your choice
  • Engage detractors to resolve their issues quickly
  • Onboarding Assistance / Customer Support (24/7)

"Out of the gate, DealerPulse helped my four dealerships in the Northwest bolster online reviews, as well as provided my managers with an action planning tool to quickly identify and resolve customer issues. I highly recommend DealerPulse for any dealers looking to improve their online reputation or better serve their customers."

Neil Quaintance General Manager

Solutions proven to improve vehicle quality and drive customer loyalty

Continuous Quality Insights (CQi) is the innovative platform behind the world’s top automotive brands.

Our best-in-class system empowers your brand to understand the voice of the customer, how they interact with their vehicles, and most importantly, what opportunities exist to enhance this experience.

With our high touch program management, CQi helps you get the high value insights you need to help improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.


Best-in-class automotive customer experience management platform

Our state of the art Customer Experience (CX) program solution measures customer perceptions of dealership experiences for sales and service in real-time. This allows corporate OEM’s, field managers, and dealership personnel to better serve their customers, and ultimately deliver upon brand promises.

Program features include:

  • Real-time insights
  • Machine Learning to utilize customer verbatims
  • Hot alerts and issue resolution
  • Anti gaming and digital fingerprinting

Interactive problem resolution platform

Remediate customer concerns before they escalate and harm your brand. Our interactive problem resolution platform monitors countermeasures for end users.

Our unique approach empowers users to identify, remediate, and resolve concerns early on. Countermeasures are tracked based on their resolution costs and ROI.


Understanding the deeper meaning behind your data

While others may offer only software services, we believe in a holistic program approach combining experienced automotive research expertise and a top-notch online reporting platform.

A key component of any program including access to our team of analytic expertise who can advise users on their collected insights:

  • Satisfaction loss and relative score
  • Sales weighting analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Projections to syndicated studies

Let’s ensure success for your program!

Our solution is designed to grow, evolve and adapt to meet your needs today and in the future.

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Real insights from real customers for real action


Focus on the ownership lifecycle

We embrace an integrated view of the customer to understand their vehicle experience to achieve loyalty and lifetime value.


High-Touch program management

While many focus solely on the technology, we understand that research programs need active engagement and collaboration to meet their goal.


Advanced analytics

We have significant experience in automotive quality and in customer satisfaction research. We offer unique and custom analytical approaches that add deep insight into customer feedback.


Best in class platform

Launched in 2020, our Next Generation Platform (NGP) is a fully configurable, enterprise system designed to empower users to efficiently gather the insights they need.


Competitive intelligence

Knowing where you stand against your peers can be enormously insightful. We provide benchmarking metrics so decision makers can clearly view the competitive landscape.


Automotive centric approach

With our sole focus on automotive we understand the unique nature of the research collected and applying that research to take-action.


Mobile App - logistics quality monitoring

Monitor your vehicle fleets’ quality throughout the entire logistics process, from manufacturing to transport to the dealership. We give you the tools to seamlessly monitor quality control offline or online.


Dealership contact reports and analytics monitoring

Empower your field team to quickly retrieve data necessary to conduct assessments and reviews of dealerships.


Data Compliance and Security

Your data is held to the strictest standards regarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) compliance and Data Privacy (e.g., CCPA, GDPR, etc.).


“The QuestionPro team, their CQI survey and data analysis tool provides customer insights to various organizations including Quality, Manufacturing, and Engineering which helps provide the areas of focus and verification that actions taken are having a positive impact on customer’s ownership experiences.”

Former Director of Quality Stellantis