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Check out QuestionPro’s free survey articles and resources. Learn how to prepare online questionnaires, increase survey response rates, and improve customer satisfaction, market research, human resources, and so much more!

Articles | Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Questionnaire Templates

We're happy to provide you with FREE questionnaire templates, to unlock your true business potential. The QuestionPro survey platform is an end-to-end solution for tracking customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Articles | Poll Questions

Poll Questions

Learn about 10 different types of Poll questions along with examples such as Dichotomous Poll Question, Likert Scale Poll Question, Semantic Differential Scale Poll Questions to name a few.

Articles | Research Questions

Research Questions

Learn about 20 different types of Research questions such as Net Promoter Score, Likert Scale, Semantic Differential Scale etc. along with steps to create effective research questions and examples.

Articles | Survey Research

Survey Research

Survey Research is a quantitative research method used for collecting data from a set of panel or respondents. Learn everything about survey research definition, methods and examples.

Articles | Market Research Surveys

Market Research Surveys

Complete guide on how to successfully conduct Market Research Surveys and Market Analysis. Learn about the two types of market research survey methods - Qualitative and Quantitative research surveys and the right Market Research Process to generate maximum insight.

Articles | Likert Scale Survey Questions

Likert Scale Survey Questions

Learn how to measure a respondent’s opinion or attitude using Likert scale survey questions. We also teach you about Unipolar Likert scale and Bipolar Likert scale.

Articles | Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Double Your Business Sales with Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The cost of retaining current customers will always be cheaper than acquiring new ones. We will show you how sending out customer satisfaction surveys can double your business sales.

Articles | Increase Online Survey Response Rates

11 Easy Ways to Increase Response Rates for your Online Survey

We have developed ten tried and tested ways to increase response rates from your online surveys. This will ensure that you are getting the most accurate results from survey respondents.

Articles | Employee Exit Interview Survey Templates

Employee Exit Interview Survey Templates

Learn employee benefits, working conditions, opportunities for career advancement, and more. The template is intended to provide you with a basic interview structure so that you can get up and running easily and fast.

Articles | Preparing An Online Questionnaire

Steps In Preparing an Online Questionnaire

There are a few questions in your mind that you would like answered and you are on the lookout for a fast and inexpensive way to find out more about your customers. We will teach you how to effectively conduct an online survey.

Articles | Trend Analysis Response Data

Trend Analysis - Analyzing Aggregate Response Data Over Time

The Trend Analysis module allows you to plot aggregated response data over time. This is especially valuable, if you are conducting a long running survey and would like to measure differences in perception and responses over time.

Articles | Cross Tabulation Survey Analysis

Cross Tabulation Survey Software Analysis

Analyzing data from online surveys is important to understand the numbers before you can claim your research to be successful. Cross tabulation is a tool that allows you compare the relationship between two variables.

Articles | Survey Questions and Answer Types

Survey Questions and Answer Types

You need a better understanding of the characteristics of your users. Developing a focused and effective questionnaire will help you to efficiently and accurately pinpoint the information that will help you make more informed decisions.

Articles | Sample Question Types with Examples

Types of Questions: Sample Question Types with Examples

Complete guide to types of questions and sample question types like Multiple Choice question, Likert Scale question, Net Promoter Score question with examples that can help you collect meaningful insights.

Articles | TURF Analysis

Introduction to TURF Analysis

Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis or TURF is a statistical model to determine where to place ads to reach the widest possible audience, or what kind of market-share will we gain if we add a new line to our model.

Articles | Advanced TURF Analysis

Advanced TURF Analysis Price Modeling

Price Modeling and Line Optimization analysis can be used in addition to the TURF Analysis and Simulator tools, to optimize the cost and pricing structures.

Articles | TURF Data Analysis

Using TURF Analysis to Analyze Data

If you have not begun your data collection process, TURF Analysis modules are integrated with the survey software and are offered as part of the licenses at QuestionPro.

Articles | Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter

Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter

The Van Westendorp price sensitivity meter is a technique for market researchers to gauge consumer perceptions of the value of products or services.

Articles | Customer Loyalty Survey

Measuring Customer Loyalty with Surveys

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is coupled with the well-being and long term growth of the company. In other words, the success of your company depends on how satisfied and loyal your customers are.

Articles | Customer Satisfaction Survey

Improve Customer Satisfaction

One of the keys to success in the competitive marketplace is effective customer management. Companies have invested a lot of effort in prioritizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Articles | Online Survey Panel

Online Survey Panel Management Software

When conducting a viable and sustainable market research program, one of the fundamental ingredients is the ability to collect actionable data from a pool of respondents.

Articles | Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions are fundamental survey questions which provides respondents with multiple answer options. Learn everything about Multiple Choice Questions, its parts and over 20 multiple choice question types and examples.