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Case studies


With our survey software, BMW could conduct market research projects quickly and agilely in-house and with its own resources.

  • Survey creation and translation.
  • Controlled worldwide sample.
  • Data cleansing.
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Using QuestionPro Surveys, the MCCA was able to implement Contactless Health Screening with a simple pop-up activated on a visitors personal device.

  • Survey design and integration.
  • Survey launched just in 2 days.
  • 300+ people screened on the first day.
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We worked with Thales technical team to create an integrated solution with multiple touch-points to get deep insights.

  • A real-time feedback model.
  • Identification of promoters, passives and detractors based on NPS.
  • Data. From plane to the cloud.
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American Cancer Society

ACS used QuestionPro Communities to move a significant portion of the Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3) to an online participant portal. They were able to:

  • Modernize the outdated 12-20 page paper survey to shorter but more frequent online survey.
  • Collect information on newly diagnosed cancers.
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Multilingual surveys

Want to conduct survey research in local languages? Our survey platform provides you with over 100 languages to choose from so you can capture exponentially better responses using the most spoken dialect in the target market.

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Customizable thank you page

Make your respondents end the survey on a high note. Customized thank you pages at the end of a survey are a perfect opportunity to engage your respondents and create an ever-lasting impression on them.

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Survey panel integration

You will never again have to worry about reaching your right survey audience with access to over 22+ million double opt-in and mobile-ready panelists that are one click away through the survey platform.

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Email reminders

Follow-up with people who didn’t take your survey the first time with a reminder email. Deploy it one-time or set an automatic reminder that wil trigger after a specified time. With survey reminders, boost your completion rates significantly.

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Real-time dashboard

Uncover insights with analytics and statistics that matter. Create reporting dashboards that are easy to read and distribute to the stakeholders that can make the most impact. With comprehensive graphical representations, our survey data analysis is powerful, easy to understand and actionable.

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Security and compliance

Our secure, ISO compliant survey platform is geared to help you adhere to federal and local compliances and focus on just the data collection and insights generation. Run GDPR, CCPA, and section 508 compliant surveys that also host survey data in localized servers that take away the risk from your surveys.

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