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with Positive People Science


Why is Positive People Science important?

What makes people fulfilled and productive at work and how do we increase that? To be successful, organizations today need this kind of data about their people more than ever. At QuestionPro Workforce, we have a team of experts you can partner with from vision to execution.

We provide end-to-end support in building and implementing your strategy, including services such as survey design, advanced data analysis, action planning, and impact assessment, across a variety of topics from diversity, equity & inclusion, to leadership development, wellbeing, productivity, turnover & retention or managing multiple cultures.

Success is unique to each organization

Our services are personalized to each organization’s unique challenges and opportunities. We help you collect data you can rely on for insight into how individual and team factors contribute to your organization’s success; design recommendations that are most likely to work in your organization; monitor the effects of each initiative so you are able to quickly identify any necessary adjustments.

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Make Positive People Science a part of your strategy

Advance your people & business goals using an approach that stands out.


Survey Technology is Even More Powerful with a Human Touch

You can partner with us at any stage in the People Science process

How Positive People Science improves your organization

We can help accelerate your journey to best collect, analyze, interpret, and act on people data.

Personalized to your needs

Although they may be facing similar challenges, we recognize that every organization is unique in how they navigate today’s uncertainties. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and each must find their own path.

Based on data and evidence

We partner with organizations and follow a tried and tested process to arrive at each individual solution. Our recommendations are based on the current scientific thought, contextualized with each organization’s unique data insights.

Optimized for impact

Each action taken affords a new opportunity for learning. We advocate for careful measurement and analysis during implementation in order to understand what works best in practice, why, and propose specific optimizations for future projects.