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Drunk Driving Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Drunk Driving Survey Questions Template is designed to collect feedback from people regarding their opinions of drunk driving. This sample survey template consists of 15 questions that help an individual express their free opinion about the ones who risk others lives through this act. This questionnaire can be customized and more questions can be added to suit the needs of researchers. This survey template will help receive first-hand responses on what the common people think about law enforcement against drunk driving.

People driving under the influence of alcohol are called drunk drivers. When charged with this crime the driver is charged under Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Studies have been performed in the past to understand the common attributes among drunk drivers to know what leads them to this behavior. In America alone, 17,000 lives are consumed every year due to drunk driving. This is a huge loss for the families of the victim. In some cases where the victim survives this might lead to trauma and other mental health disorders.

Below are the questions related to drunk driving:

1. Please select your age group
2. Are you aware of laws against drinking and driving?
3. Please select the state you belong to
4. Please select your gender
5. Please select your ethnicity
6. Please select the type of vehicle you drive
7. Please select your driving experience
8. Do you think there is enough law enforcement to curb drinking and driving?
9. Have you ever been charged of drinking and driving?
10. Do you agree there are enough policemen to check sobriety at various checkpoints?
11. Have you ever lost a loved one to drunk driving?
12. Overall how satisfied are you with the laws in place to enforce punishments on drunk drivers?
13. In the past 15 days how many times have you driven your vehicle within two hours of consuming alcoholic beverage?
14. Do you think the current Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08% should be lowered?
15. Is there anything that you would like to add to improve the safety of you and your loved one from drunk drivers?