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Leadership check-in survey template

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc globally on the workforce as well as the economy. Employees have started working from home instead of out of shared workspaces and offices. While this is the need of the hour, it has also lead to multiple challenges including operational and management challenges. The leadership check-in survey has been developed by established global leaders to help the leadership and other stakeholders get a pulse of their distributed workforces.

Use this sample survey template to understand the challenges faced by the employees, their faith in the organization, industry, and economy on the whole. Uncover challenges and problems like distractions, internet issues, collaboration, etc. that can be used to understand if the employees are aligned to organizational goals and are facing difficulties or challenges in being productive. Deploy this sample questionnaire to identify if the organization’s workforce has faith in the decision-making ability of the leaders in the times of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Use the check-in sample survey as-is or expand on it using our vast survey questions bank to identify the challenges that your organization’s leaders and management would like to know.

Dear Employee,

Hope you, your family, and loved ones are safe and healthy during this coronavirus pandemic. Although the global economy has been affected during these tough times, we would like to assure you that we are focused on us tiding over this, together. Take this short survey to let us know you are coping in the times of COVID-19 and help us identify any gaps in making things easier for you. We would also like to know how confident you are in the management, the organization’s leadership, and the hierarchy to tide over these tough times.
Considering your complete experience with the organization and the leadership in these tough times, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How worried are you with the following?
Extremely worried
Barely worried
Not worried at all
Global economy
Our industry performance
Our company performance
Job security
Your personal & mental health
Your well-being
How often would you say that you have been able to work and perform effectively and efficiently recently?
What are the TOP THREE challenges you are facing while working remotely?
Please state your satisfaction with the following statements about your job:
Very dissatisfied
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
The organization provides me with the tools I need to be efficient
The organization supports my mental well-being
I have the tools to reach out to colleagues as needed
My manager reaches out to me for feedback
I have clarity of tasks
I have clarity of my schedule
The management is transparent about decisions
Assurances were given to me about keeping my job
The organization is taking the right decisions to tide over this crisis
I have the tools outside of work to cope in these tough times
Taking all factors into consideration, how long do you think you will be able to work from home?
What has the leadership done right in these times to make you better at your job and provide you with an overall feeling of confidence and satisfaction?
What do the leadership need to improve on to make your job and the general outlook, better?

Top three reasons for using this leadership check-in survey template

Derive insights about how comfortable your organization’s employees have been in the times of coronavirus about work and their general outlook. The top three reasons to use this survey template, are:

1. Check on well-being: Remote working comes with its unique set of challenges. It is a tough time for everyone. Managing work is a good thing but it is also important to check on an employee’s well-being and ability to work. This sample questionnaire helps to understand if an employee is best suited to deliver at an optimal level.
2. Gauge macro and micro workforce insights: Uncover insights that may not be necessarily visible. Due to the difficulty of the global economy as well as the collapse of various industries, standard operating procedures would need to be tweaked to map macro and micro shifts in trends.
3. Map organizational goals: Working with a distributed workforce is tough if communication and collaboration aren’t well-rooted into the ethos of the company. Identify gaps in these parameters and ensure that the global workforce is aligned with organizational goals.