Survey Templates Psychographic And Demographic Surveys 18 Leisure Time Activities Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

18 Leisure Time Activities Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Leisure time activities survey questions with sample questionnaire template consist of 18 questions and examples that help identify what people like to do for fun during their spare time. This sample survey template comprises questions about leisure activities like going for a swim, playing a sport, playing cards, and other recreational activities that people like to undertake and the frequency at which they do these activities. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the needs of a researcher.

Please check the frequency in which you engaged in the following activities in the past two months. Check only one answer for each possible leisure activity.
Not sure
Watching television
Playing adult games (for example, cards, mahhjong, etc.)
Walking for pleasure
Reading books for pleasure
Competing in team sports (for example, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.)
Going on a family outing
Competing in individual sports (for example, tennis, ping pong, etc.)
Going out for the evening for drinks and entertainment
Going to the movies
Not sure
Visiting art galleries and museums
Listening to music
Collecting or making something (for example, hobbies)
Attending sports events
Attending opera, ballet or dance performances
Surfing the Web
Working on the computer

Top 4 Reasons To Use This Leisure Time Activities Survey Template:

Leisure time activities are important to everyone in developing socially. Let's check out top four reasons for using this leisure time survey template:

1. Research for popular leisure time activities.

2. Understand routines and day to day behavior.

3. Categorizing/segmenting audiences based on interests.

4. Targeting audiences based on their leisure activities.