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Volunteer Recruitment Survey Template + Sample Questions

This non-profit volunteer recruitment survey template provides the top 10 questions used while recruiting volunteers for a cause. You can customize this sample questionnaire to add or edit questions and answers. Use these volunteer recruitment questions to understand the skills, experience, and availability of the candidates for community service. This template will help you learn more about their preferences and help you arrange a meeting with them.

You can analyze responses to the volunteer recruitment survey and generate reports to recruit volunteers. It can also be customized to gain insights into their expectations and the factors that would affect the satisfaction level. The recruitment survey questionnaire usually includes questions such as volunteer inclinations, contribution potential work schedules, etc. to seek information about volunteer candidates.

**QuestionPro offers a waiver to Non-profit organizations thereby contributing in a way towards a social cause.

Please share your name and contact details.
What is your age?
Please share your past volunteering experiences, if any.
Which program are you inclined towards volunteering?
Which sections of our non-profit would you like to contribute?
How many hours in a week will you be able to dedicate for volunteering?
Any specific days on which you can volunteer?
How did you hear about our non-profit organization?
Why do you want to work with our non-profit organization?
Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

Why conduct a volunteer recruitment survey?

With a volunteer recruitment survey, you can put forward your need for a volunteer and also gauge the inclination of the volunteer towards a specific cause. Use these sample questions to collect data and identify if the candidate is fit for hiring or not.

- Identify areas of interest: Volunteering should be done out of interest and not something that is done to get paid for! Everyone has their usual jobs to drain them otherwise, so, it is certain that a volunteer’s interest in a specific cause is very important.

- Know if the candidate enjoys working for a charity organization: Volunteering should be a fun activity and hence a volunteer recruitment survey is a critical factor for volunteer recruitment.

- Find out preferences: Volunteers can be filtered on the basis of their volunteering preferences. By sending out a volunteer recruitment survey, you can also filter out the volunteers based on their specific interests.

- Save your time: By developing a survey with a balance of open-ended and closed-ended questions, the survey admin gains a wider insight into the areas of interest of various volunteers. Including questions with selectable options as the interests, and then branching the respondents towards the questions specific to their area of interest, the survey administrator also saves a lot of time and energy while analyzing the data for his questionnaire.

- Collect data efficiently: QuestionPro offers various question types to suit the needs of clientele. With the various reporting options and data extraction methods available, the tedious task of filtering and recruiting thousands of volunteers over the globe is done in the most efficient way.