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Conference Evaluation Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Conference evaluation survey is a primary research questionnaire to understand the success of the conference by collecting post-conference feedback from attendees. Why?

Because as an organization or event planner, your attendees are your customers. The best way to get collect meaningful feedback is to directly ask your customers, so you can get the most relevant information to conduct your post-conference evaluation effectively.

According to the recent study by Eventbrite, 53% of corporate and conference event creators will host more events in 2020 with the same budget and team.

However, in order to attribute for increasing expenditure on conferences, it is critical for ROI that organizers collect critical information from attendees to meet metrics, locate areas of improvement and grow the effectiveness and attendee experience with each event using simple and easy to answer conference evaluation surveys. Below is a questionnaire template with the top conference evaluation survey questions to ask your attendees :

Considering your complete experience at our conference, how likely would you be to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Please rate us for the overall organization of this conference
Your rating

Please indicate your overall satisfaction with the following aspects of the conference:
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Very Dissatisfied
Ease of registration
Conference content / subjects
Food and beverages
Time allocated for discussions
Overall conference experience
Please select your favorite speaker at the conference:
Pick key reasons to attend this conference
How did you hear or learn about this conference?
What was your primary goal in attending this conference?
How many external conferences/seminars do you attend, on average, in a year?

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this evaluation.

Top 4 Reasons To Use This Conference Feedback Survey Template

The organization needs to evaluate the performance of the current conference to make future conferences better. Check out the top three reasons for using this conference evaluation survey template below:

Organizational performance: Evaluating the performance of the conference helps the organization to know where the company is heading, what steps are needed to reach the goal, and what are the objectives that need to be planned to reach this goal.

Attract more sponsors: Positive feedback from the conference attendees helps the organization to attract more sponsors and stakeholders for future conferences.

Build effective marketing strategies: Organizations can develop effective marketing strategies for future conferences based on the feedback received by sponsors, volunteers, leadership, and other team members. This helps to be on track with the latest trends in the business and industry.

Partnership: It helps the organization to build a business relationship with the conference attendees by analyzing their valuable feedback and engaging with them to make the next conference better.