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Seminar Evaluation Survey Template

Professionals from various industries are always encouraged to participate in seminar to network with fellow professionals working for different organizations, to polish their skill sets, enhance their communication skills, possess additional confidence and motivation to work harder at the job. QuestionPro’s easy to customize seminar evaluation questionnaire sample template is quite straightforward for you to enter desired question and answer options which are easy and quick for the seminar attendees to fill out. You can analyze the most popular session of the seminar, was there anything that the attendees not appreciate, which factors were impressive and where can the seminar be improved in the future. Ask questions about topics of the seminar, staff in charge, motivational factors to attend the seminar, reason for attending, can be edited and included in the survey from this seminar evaluation template.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this seminar evaluation. Your comments will enable us to better plan and execute future seminars and tailor them to meet your needs.



Please identify the seminar you are attending today:
Please select your age group:
Do you have people that report to you? If yes, how many?
Highest Level of Education Completed:
Current Annual Household Income (Optional):
Why did you choose to attend today's seminar ? (Select the most important reason)
How far did you travel to today's seminar?
How did you pay for today's seminar?
What other seminars have you attended? (Select all that apply):
What other seminars are you interested in attending? (Select all that apply):
Where did you initially hear about this seminar? (Select one):
What influenced you to attend today's seminar? (Select one):
Did you make the decision to attend today's seminar?
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Why conduct a Seminar Evaluation Survey?

  • Organizing productive and knowledgeable seminars is what every seminar organizer strives to achieve. A seminar evaluation survey is an effective method to know how helpful was it to the attendees and what are the aspects which need to improve so that when you organize another seminar, these factors are eliminated to increase satisfaction levels among the attendees.
  • You as a seminar organizer can identify the demographics of the attendees such as age, sex, income etc. to evaluate whether your target audience is actually attending these seminars or not. According to the analysis of demographics, better promotion and marketing activities of upcoming seminars can be done to get more people to attend them.
  • There are multiple topics being covered in a seminar. You can know which topics were extremely popular with the attendees and which ones could hardly find any attendees. As per the understanding of popular topics, similar topics can be included in the next seminars so that the turnout can be enhanced.
  • Different seminar topics cater to different industries. Evaluating whether a Sales person was more inclined to the seminar in comparison to an Advertising person will filter the target audience for the seminar organizer.

Best Uses of Seminar Evaluation Survey

  • Ask seminar attendees for their opinion about the seminar by sending the questionnaire sample through a mobile kiosk, email, social media or embedding it on your website.
  • Get insights about areas of improvement in real-time using these seminar evaluation surveys.
  • Understand factors that motivate people to attend your seminar so that you can modify your marketing strategy to target people belonging to similar demographics for an increase in the number of people who attend seminars.
  • By asking attendees about aspects that can improve, you can make improvements in the way you conduct seminars to gain more attendees and also increase satisfaction levels with the attendees.