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Close the loop

Anticipate tenants most urgent needs. From GenAI survey builder data recollection & deployment to swift issue resolution, QuestionPro CX empowers property managers with an extensive toolbelt including the closed-loop feedback system to gather and solve tenant concerns immediately.


Say bye to overlooked concerns and missed opportunities

Boost conversions and renewals. Leverage property management best CX survey tools in the market to convert potential clients and existing residents into renewals by anticipating needs and delighting your tenants every step of the way.


Capture insights at all stages

Identify areas of improvement. Send the right survey at the right time in the tenant experience journey. Track performance and make informed decisions with our CX tailored widgets, dashboards and reports.


Be honest…

Are you really listening to your residents and acting on their feedback to improve their total experience?

See QuestionPro CX in action

Free Resources

VoC Analyst Report, 2023

Dive into our exclusive VoC industry analyst report on the Voice of the Customer market. Access actionable insights, evaluate vendors, and make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

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The CLV Playbook

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers' long-term value, make data-driven decisions, and drive business growth with The Complete Playbook to Customer Lifetime Value.

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CJM Analyst Report 2023

The SPARK Matrix™: Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) Platform, 2023 is a complete CJM industry analyst report. It includes the matrix, a detailed analysis of the market dynamics and the 2023 vendor landscape.

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A residential experience management platform with an extensive toolbelt


Close the loop

Receive live feedback in our ticketing system tool and learn what your residents like and what you can improve. Prioritize any red/yellow flag and close the loop by taking immediate action.

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Personalize your dashboards

Build multiple dashboards with customizable widget configurations and edit your widgets filters, chart types, time and more! You can also export reports to present results with one click.

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Workflow setup

CX Workflow Powered by AI distributes, assigns and deploys surveys to specific tenants. You can also automate the reminders for the survey invites.

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Journey mapping

Improve key interactions, analyze insights and solve pain points across the tenant experience journey with our Customer Journey orchestration tool.

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CX Reputation

Do more with tenants reviews. Respond to any comment, post or review directly from CX Reputation. You can also import/export reviews, monitor, team assign, manage & filter all reviews!

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Sentiment Analysis

Categorize text into positive, negative, or neutral tones. Use advanced artificial intelligence and tap into the essence of interactions between the resident and the property.

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Tie business and feedback data


"QuestionPro CX helped us automate the workflows and gather data in a digestible way while making the process smooth and error-free for the end-user. Technical implementation and ensuring user experience excellence was important to us so it was crucial that the system was built to be available around the clock."

Samuel T. Harris Business Analyst
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