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With 5 million active members, our panel consists of pre-screened and qualified candidates for high quality data collection. With industry knowledge, innovative tools and purchasing power, QuestionPro always meets the rigorous demands of our clients. By implementing various recruitment methodologies, we make sure to provide the right kinds of respondents for your research.

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In just a few hours, QuestionPro can turn your request for sample into actionable intelligence. Sample is integrated directly into the QuestionPro interface - simply submit your request and let us do all the work! Administering a survey on a different interface? No problem. QuestionPro Sample acts as a standalone service, allowing you to purchase survey responses. We service global clients who continue to put their trust in QuestionPro to deliver the highest quality survey respondents.

QuestionPro's sample database is frequently updated with new respondents to compensate for attrition. We continuosly monitor for duplicate, fraudulent and suspect panelists to ensure the highest level of quality. With our years of experience in the industry, we offer the knowledge and innovative tools that are required to meet the stringent demands of our clients.


10 Reasons To Use The QuestionPro Panel Network


Unified Platform. Complete your research project from start to finish, all in one interface.


Preferred Panel Partnership means bulk discounts that are passed on to you.


Panel Balancing. Prequalified panelists that accurately represent the general population.


Panel Segmentation. With more than 300 required data points collected, registered panelists must provide detailed demographic and background information.


Participation Control. Sift bad panelists and eliminate bias by applying a variety of control measures through high level sampling filters.


Incentive Model. Panelists are rationally rewarded with incentive programs for their time taking surveys.


High Response Rate. Thousands of panelists globally recruited daily, which results in respondents who are eager to partake in various research studies.


Double Opt-In Membership. Rigorous registration process to qualify new panelists, with ongoing profile updates through periodic survey screeners.


Low Attrition Rate. Less than 2% of our members unsubscribe from the panel due to excellent panel maintenance.