Voice of Customer (VOC) Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

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Voice of Customer (VOC) Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template | QuestionPro


Voice of Customer (VOC) Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Voice of Customer Surveys

Use this free emotional ties survey template to check if your customers really have an emotional tie with your company or brand. Find out what emotions your customers have when they think about your business.

Knowing if your customers are emotionally connected to your brand will help you predict your future sales and formulate a product strategy. Stronger ties suggest higher customer loyalty and satisfaction.

This sample emotional ties survey questionnaire is ready to be used in your research studies. You can also customize it as per your needs.

Use these value proposition survey questions for your voice of customer surveys. This sample questionnaire template measures both the satisfaction and the importance of your value propositions to your customers. With this questionnaire, you can gauge the value in your products as perceived by your customers and use it to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This free value proposition survey template can be used to learn how satisfied customers are with your staff and products. It is ready to be used in your research studies and can be customized as per your needs.

This loyalty acid test survey template checks the commitment of your donors for charity or non-profit organization. These donor survey questions can be used to calculate the flow of funds and create a strategy to reach out donors.

This sample loyalty acid test questionnaire collects the feedback from donors and can be customized as per your needs. Know how their experience was and learn if they have any suggestions for your charity.

Use this smiley rating questionnaire template to attract and engage customers while answering a survey. Choose ready-made smiley options or upload your custom smileys. You can customize the survey questions as per your needs.

Collect customer satisfaction feedback about your product or service using this free smiley survey questions template. Our sample online survey questionnaire will help you design surveys that are easily interpretable by end-users, refrain from using monotonous text, and increase customer responses.

The mobile app user experience survey template will support you to learn what is the perception, current experience, and expectation of your customer when using your mobile app.

In this voice of the customer survey template questionnaire sample, you will find NPS, Matrix-style, smiley rating, multichoice and open-ended questions already created for you to start using.

If you would like to learn more about your customers' needs, understandings, and what type of emotions they feel while using your app, then go ahead and try the mobile app user experience survey template! It will help you not to start from scratch, saving you valuable time and ultimately using it as a guide to ask the right questions to your end-user.

Conducting Voice of Customer (VOC) surveys is crucial to gain customer insights and refine your customer initiatives to elevate customer experience and customer satisfaction. With VOC surveys, you can fully understand your customers, retain your existing customers, and control negative customer feedback. QuestionPro's sample VOC survey templates and questionnaires will help you leverage customer feedback, concerns, and opinions to refine your products and services. QuestionPro CX is a leader in Voice of Customer (VOC) survey templates, covering VOC metrics such as Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Loyalty Index. The questions included in the free sample questionnaires are designed by experts and targeted to get specific insights from customers. These templates help you get responses from customers and identify and bridge any gap areas for your product or service, gather new product ideas, and improvements and feature updates for existing ones. These templates should be a part of your VOC strategy as they are ready-made for immediate deployment and assessment, saving you valuable time. Pick any one of the questionnaires that suit and start surveying, make these templates a part of your VOC framework.